Great Home Security Tip

I was listening to a local radio station the other morning and there was a policewoman talking about home security and how to prevent break-ins while you are away. She gave one particular tip that I had never thought of or even heard of before. Her advice was to put your house number on the back of your house as well so that neighbours along the back of your property can immediately report a break in because they can see your house number. If you take a look at the neighbours behind your house, chances are you know the street name that they are on but you don't know the number. Think of how this would assist the police in an emergency. It would save lots of time because they wouldn't have to search for the house.

This is the time of year where people like to get away over the winter and I thought this was an excellent tip to share.

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In The Wrong Lane!

I went to the grocery store early Sunday morning to grab a couple of things and headed to the express lane. I stopped short when I saw a woman checking out of that lane with a full cart of groceries.

Bumbo Seat Recall

I was disappointed to hear on the radio today that the bumbo seat has been recalled. I used one of these for my younger son in 2005 and I absolutely loved it!

Who's That Waitress?

Have you ever watched a movie a few times and found some little things you missed the first time you watched it? I am not a huge movie buff but if I come across a great one I will watch it more than once.

Pioneer Pancakes - Easy Recipe

This is a very easy pancake recipe and requires very little ingredients. My son likes to make these.